If you're into going out to the Gorge, Government Cove is a great option. It's kind of a secret island type spot that pretty much just photographers know about it. It has some epic cliff views as well as a wide variety of scenery including rock walls, trees, and sometimes wildflowers (depending on the season.) It's a little strange to get to; you have to drive down a short, narrow road and park on the side of it, then walk in.


Another Gorge option would be Rooster Rock. It's basically a really long parking lot with strips of beautiful scenery and a lovely view of the Gorge. There are some pretty fieldy areas, wooded areas, and some water access as well. It's also really easy to get to.

Portland - MT. TABOR PARK

Mt. Tabor Park is a great city park to shoot at. It is very wooded, and looks more like the wild forest in some areas than it does like a park. Lots of trees and nature. There are a few small parking lots with access to the summit trail which is a very short, uphill hike. It is a pretty popular park, so there are usually lots of other people there, but with how vast the park is it usually isn't a problem.


Hoyt Arboretum is a beautiful outdoor "tree museum." It has a wonderful series of trails, some very short and accessible. It also has a nice variety of woods. The Redwood Trail is my favorite to take, which leads to a cool wooden deck in the middle of an old growth redwood forest. This option can be a little more dark and moody as far as light goes, and be prepared for lots of mud on the trails in the winter, spring and late fall.

Portland - Powell Butte

Powell Butte is a nature park with some pretty views of Mt. Hood and some nice wooded areas. Lots of nice tall grass and more of a "California woods" feel. There's a parking lot and easy access to the trail. We would do the 1.5 mile loop to get a nice variety of scenery.
Sauvie Island is home to some lovely farms with crops as well as wildflowers (depending on the season.) There is also a nice beachy area along the river. For the river beach option you'll have to purchase a day parking pass.

Oregon Coast - Hug Point

This is my favorite beach to shoot at. Just outside of Manzanita, directly off of Hwy 101, It has really easy access and SO much variety! Cliffs, caves, woods, rocks and of course lots of sand and water. Epic, beautiful and easy.

Oregon Coast - Short Sands Beach

This beach is awesome because you have to hike down to it! It has lots of woods and a great shoreline. It's a big surfer beach. It's part of Oswald West State Park, there is an easy access parking lot right off Hwy 101 where you can access the trail head.


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