Leah & Ryan’s Astoria love story – Fort Stevens State Park – Astoria Oregon – Engagement Photography

Leah has assisted me on photo shoots for eight years. She has been a bystander to so many love stories, and for this one, she finally got to be the leading lady. Photographing her and Ryan on the ocean beaches of Astoria was an experience I will treasure forever. I don’t know that I have ever felt so happy and so free while shooting. It was as if I wasn’t even there… just a witness to their foggy adventure, as they danced and twirled in the sand, laughing and giddy, mist-kissed and starry-eyed. What a thing to behold. It’s so refreshing when I don’t have to pose my couples. I basically just told them where to stand and they did the rest…

I couldn’t be more excited for their wedding, and I couldn’t be more excited NOT to photograph it! Haha! Yep, I get to be IN this one. Can’t wait!!


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