2017. So much happened for me last year. So much, in one tiny bundle. I had a son, and got to experience what it’s like to be a parent. It has changed my world and how I view it completely. I didn’t realize I could be even more emotional, or that I could love someone with an even greater love. I cry more during movies now. Heck, I cry during commercials sometimes. I’ve always teared up at wedding ceremonies, but now I find myself tearing up at other moments too…  Marriage is such a powerful and beautiful thing. The beginning of an imperative and cherished commitment…it changes you in ways you might not imagine. I treasure my job and the people I work with. At the end of every year I feel that so greatly…and so I want to say a wildly huge thank you to all my clients. Thank you for letting me in on the gravity… the magic… the beauty that dances around you in these oh so important moments.


“Terra was amazing to work with. From the first contact from her, I felt like we were important and listened to. Her kind and genuine disposition made her feel like she was another friend at our wedding. And most importantly the photos were beautiful!! We were blown away with just how many shots we loved, not only of us but of our guests and day. We honestly couldn’t have asked for more.”

“Let me start by saying, Hire Her! You will absolutely not regret it. 

We met Terra a few times throughout the years as she photographed our friend’s weddings in the Portland area. She was always very sweet, made everyone feel very comfortable and left us in awe of every photo she took. Fast forward to last year when we were getting married in California. As we started receiving recommendations closer to our venue we just couldn’t picture ourselves in the images we saw. We wanted someone to capture the natural moments, the in-the-moment smiles and someone we just felt comfortable being around. We met up with Terra and were hooked. We were really excited when she was willing to not only fly to California, but also be a part of 4 day hybrid Indian wedding with a lot of guests and moving parts we honestly couldn’t be happier.

At all the events Terra was simply phenomenal. We were really nervous about being followed by a camera but she (and Leah) made it so easy and seamless, we didn’t even feel like we were being watched. A handful of our family and friends commented on the exact same thing. She was always present when we wanted a moment captured but completely in the background and not intrusive. She also took charge of so many situations, calmed me down, which I desperately needed, suggested shots but didn’t push them (but did tell me why I may want to see in the future bringing me back to reality and making me realize.. yup, in fact I do). I can’t put into words how thankful I personally was to have her there. She has such an ease and calm presence and WOOWWWWW is her eye amazing. The spots she scoped out were beautiful and the photos seemed to exactly capture us perfectly, not to mention make us look really really good. She was willing to roll with the punches when things weren’t going to plan, timelines weren’t being kept, and worked extra hours to make sure all of our moments were captured. 

The Photos:They are perfection. She manages to capture natural romance, moments of flirtation, happiness and pure joy without the images feeling fake, cheesy, or posed, which is exactly what we wanted. She really gets to know the essence of the couple and it shows through with each image. She does a wonderful job of scoping out the best places in each venue (spots we didn’t even realize existed) and matches them with the perfect time of day to take each shot. They are simply stunning.

Professionalism: She is incredibly organized. We had multiple calls prior all set up by her to talk timelines, structure, what were the moments we wanted captured, who we wanted to be captured and more. She was also very efficient in getting photos to us. She sent us a handful of her favorites right away and followed up quickly with the rest in the most beautiful packaging. 

Thank you again, Terra and Leah. You both were simply phenomenal.”

“What we liked the most about Terra Lange Photography was how easy it was to work with you and how you made us feel so comfortable and had us laughing! We loved that we didn’t even realize you were walking around and catching all our beautiful moment. We love the style and your personality.”

“Great communication, professional, personalized experience, flexibility, and of course….the gorgeous photos. Loved the wood thumb drive and the giftcard 🙂 both memorable details.”

“Your photos are amazing. Your personality and flexibility helped make our day extremely special. Thank you!Keep on doing what you’re doing. You’re amazing at it. Your details don’t go unnoticed. Thanks again!”


Based in Portland Oregon